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    Paul and Squonk:

    Now there's an interesting example of quality to analyze, or should I say to apply the MoQ to.

    Though I've done the gearhead thing, cars, 4x4's and bikes, so I can appreciate a well-tuned engine, but, right now, living in rural utopia becoming mediocre suburbia, having the peace of a Sunday afternoon shattered by the blasting of some low self-esteem, conspicuously consuming weekend wannabe warrior/ yuppie the rest of the time, who thinks it his (and yes, it's 90% guys)right, I envision barbwire at guillotine height -

    so, what is the quality event here? though I have a static pattern of appreciation for the sound, I also hate the damn noise to the point of taking pleasure in imagined pain and mayhem, (though, please realize, it is strictly imaginary!)

    This may relate more to the quality event thread and levels Paul was discussing, but I'd like to hear squonk's reply.


    I don't know if Steve viewed it as philosophological
    or not. That's just how I saw it and how I found it
    useful. I simply wanted to tell Steve that, and share
    a similar interpretation. I have my own philosophical
    ideas and I'm seeing how the they fit with the MoQ.

    You see, I am still struggling to come to grips with
    the MoQ. Right now I appreciate anything that attempts
    to make things clearer, even if it may eventually be

    sq: Sounds like you have a fine way of looking at things. Which is good to hear.

    If I go round in circles, in time I may choose another
    way to try and understand the MoQ, your suggestion of
    MoQ research maybe?

    sq: I think i have allot to learn from you. Makes a great change to hear one who is not looking to turn the MoQ inside out and forget about Quality.

    > The cavalry has arrived...

    ...on a broken down motorcycle, can you help me fix



    sq: You can tell by the sound of the engine. Engines play great music don't you feel? I wonder if i could get a record deal?
    "36 all time best sounding engines going up through the cogs." ;)

    P.S. actually, i know a mechanic who listens to a free CD he got with a car mag that DOES give you the sound of car engines as they belt around a track. Quality in car engines.

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