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Date: Thu May 15 2003 - 14:35:05 BST

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    Hi Phyllis
    > Pre-sensory perception. Uh-uh. While I can easily
    > understand a time lag
    > between the senses and the mind's apprehension, as
    > in the stove, pre-sensory
    > perception seeems to me an oxymoron. Unless you are
    > positing some time of
    > "sixth sense," which while not denying completelythe
    > possibility, but it
    > creates so many problems it destroys the elegance of
    > the theory.

    I am assuming that perception is not limited to the
    biological senses and is not a wholly conscious
    activity. In a similar way that morality is not
    limited to social behaviour. I may conjecture that the
    reason I'm not floating around the room is that at an
    inorganic level my whole body is perceiving and
    responding to Quality in a consistent way that we have
    termed 'gravity'. Take your point about elegance.

    > > 2. The second response is biological through an
    > agency
    > > of sensory and emotional perception
    > Why include emotional here? Isn't emotion a
    > response to the sensory? Think
    > baby seal. I'd include it perhaps before intellect,
    > with social or
    > biological, perhaps in lieu of intellectual.

    Blood retreating from the skin can be considered an
    emotional response, that we attach a notion of 'fear'
    to that comes later. Again, point taken.

    > The inorganic again: works for the hot stove
    > example, but how do youexplain
    > seeing a painting at this level?

    Light is an inorganic pattern of value.

    > But, if we can exchange our society, or reject it,
    > then aren't we rejecting
    > that filter?




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