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    Hello again Squonk

    > The phrase, 'Quality event' was coined by Skutvik.

    I actually got it from Pirsig's 'Subjects, Objects,
    Data and Values'. In it he states: 'Dynamic Quality is
    a stream of quality events going on and on forever,
    always at and in the cutting edge of the present.'

    sq: If Skutvik wrote his 'The Quality event. parts I - III' after SODV then i
    agree its stretching it to say that Skutvik coined the phrase, 'Quality
    event.' In the reverse case Pirsig coined the phrase, 'Quality events.' I am
    not sure if that phrase, or one similar to it is used in ZMM? The important
    thing for you is the anthropocentric view from within?
    SODV's use of Quality events may still not be a matter of having been derived
    from analogy? That's something you are exploring and something i am hoping
    will help me learn. That patterns emerge from a primal unity is something i
    have always felt to be the case. If these patterns are purely phenomenal,
    then all patterns may be arbitrary? I don't know. But i have been exploring
    the possibility that patterns are not purely phenomenal. I can't help feeling
    that the former is the case.

    > This phrase is loaded with
    > SoM shattering overtones, but the MoQ has moved on.

    So, is SODV left behind as well? I believe he
    performed that in 1995?

    sq: SODV puts the MoQ to work. SODV helps to demonstrate that the MoQ is
    useful and worthy of serious academic attention. Surely?

    > In the MoQ, patterns
    > harmonise in Dynamic/Static equilibrium. We may then
    > wish to say that static
    > patterns comprising a woman, and all other patterns,
    > including those of a
    > flower, harmonise in a moment of high value one
    > morning. That is a beautiful
    > thing and to disrupt harmony introduces low value.

    This description is really good. You have provided the
    example I have asked for in a previous post.




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