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Date: Wed May 21 2003 - 00:13:40 BST

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    Following a hierarchal arrangement with Intellectual
    awareness being the first adoption of Dynamic Quality
    into static patterns, the levels in which static
    patterns of Quality are arranged begins at the cutting
    edge of Intellectual awareness or ‘Reality’. It is my
    belief that Dynamic Quality is a higher evolved static
    pattern of Quality, which at that moment interacts
    with our static patterns. Instead of interpreting
    Dynamic Quality as a raw, pure, and indefinable
    energy, I see it as a mollification of a higher,
    already existing pattern of Quality, which by
    interacting with our lower evolved patterns of Quality
    is (to us) entirely Dynamic. This spurring event,
    which is caused by Dynamic Quality, is indefinable in
    relation to our evolved growth. This extrapolation of
    where Dynamic Quality is coming from, would also
    entertain the fact that some people are more evolved
    in terms of this framework than others are. In a way,
    we are carrying forth the universe’s evolution towards
    higher levels of Quality awareness.


    Hello Ben,
    That's interesting. I wish i could say more but am going to have to think
    about this.


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