Re: MD A little more on evolution

From: Scott R (
Date: Thu May 22 2003 - 01:43:12 BST

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    [Bob:]> >Heisenbergšs Uncertainty
    > > Principle comes into play here. You can know the direction OR velocity
    of any
    > > electron. You canšt know both values at any moment of time.
    [Steve:]> Again, "it's random" looks more and more like "I don't know." In
    this case
    > Heisenberg further said that we can't know. This is a limit of scientific
    > inquiry, not a characteristic of the objective world it studies. It also
    > suggests that objectivity itself ultimately fails.

    [Arthur M.Young in "The Reflexive Universe":] "What is to us uncertainty is,
    to the electron, freedom".

    - Scott

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