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From: David Buchanan (
Date: Sat May 24 2003 - 23:16:35 BST

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    For god's sake, man, take a look at yourself:

    Sam said:
    Similarly, as I said before, I don't recognise my views in what you seem to
    be criticising. In particular, my 'comments' on your last post weren't
    directly dealing with the main thrust of your argument, because I was
    (trying to) follow the principle of 'if the hat doesn't fit, don't wear it'.

    dmb says:
    You avoided the main thrust of the argument because it wasn't about YOU?

    Sam said:
    Which is why I don't think intellect defines level 4. ...I think it possible
    to improve on Pirsig's formulation.

    dmb says:
    Pirsig calls the 4th level the intellectual level. Its a name, not a
    definition. In either case, its way too presumptuous to change the names or
    definitions of Pisigs key terms. That's not an improvement, that's just
    confusing. Its rude to every reader.

    Sam said:
    That's why I've had a go at my own reformulation, around the idea of
    'eudaimonia' as what best characterises level 4

    dmb says:
    You're free to express your views or wrtie your own metaphysical system, but
    this is just too much. You're an intellectual hijacker. And you've taken
    narcissism to new heights in the attempt. Outrageous.

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