RE: Re: MD An atheistic system?

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Date: Sun Feb 22 2004 - 14:38:48 GMT

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    > I'd advise anyone who is interested in this topic to take another look at
    > chapter 11 of Lila. Pirsig explains how SOM is the real problem with
    > Darwinism. He explains how materialistic metaphysics creates the problems
    > of "purposelessness" and shows that this is what the philosophical
    > objections are aimed at. He corrects this problem with the MOQ, which then
    > adopts evolution as a unifying priciple that extends to all levels, not
    > just the biological level. Its a beautiful thing.
    How do you and/or Pirsig answer the following:

    How does a universe emerge from nothing at all?

    How does life emerge from nonlife?

    How does consciousness emerge from a lump of meat?



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