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I can't snub my own candidate... #5
(Negative campaigning = question #6 is ZAMM, not Lila.)

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> Sorry for the delay folks, but I've been off with family stuff and got
> back later than I'd anticipated.
> As this is the case and the votes need to be out for 2 days I'll announce
> the new subject late on the 1st of the New Year.
> Send you votes in by about midnight GMT of the 1st Jan and assuming the
> world doesn't end at midnight on the 31st or every computer in the world
> (or more to the point the one I collect my mail from!!!) hasn't melted
> I'll post shortly after.
> Usual voting protocol:
> 1) Please use the same subject line as this post when you submit your
> vote.
> 2) Please vote for only one of the topics listed below.
> #1 Todd (
> A case study of the "giant" known to us as Las Vegas. Regarding the
> nature
> of this giants "devouring nature". Focusing on (but not limited to) the
> geography and energetic needs of this city (giant). Comparative thoughts
> of
> various "giants/cities" will be allowed in order to enrich our case study
> of
> Las Vegas.
> #2 Ben Schafer
> The fuzzy role of emotion in individual and cultural communication
> examined
> within the Metaphysics of Quality.
> #3 Diana
> Aside from ZMM and LILA, which other books would you recommend to members
> of
> #4 Rocky Hayes
> Let's discuss the role that sex plays in Lila.
> Is it just a metaphor through which Pirsig pricks our 'ethical' skin, or
> something more?
> Is the reader to conclude that Lila is a slut/loose woman?
> What does Rigel see in Lila's sexuality that causes him to react so
> negatively to Phadreus' claim that Lila has quality?
> Why is Lila willing to have intercourse with the Captain/Author/Phadreus?
> (what's the draw/appeal to him.)
> What are we to conclude about the special high quality sexual experience
> Lila gives Phadreus - one that she suspects he is actually unaware of? Is
> he
> unaware of it?
> How does the physiological experience of an orgasm (arguably an experience
> we share across the boundary of dozens of species) fit into the MOQ, or
> does
> that experience fall outside of the MOQ? Is it not transcendental?
> #5 David Buchanan
> Let's discuss the book's conclusion.
> Let's look at the meaning of those final scenes.
> Rigel decides to take care of Lila.
> The Captain disposes of the doll in a ritual.
> Then he's prepared to head out on the Ocean and he's feeling free..." This
> divorce of art from technology is completely unnatural. It's just
> that it's gone on so long you have to be an archeologist to find out where
> the two separated. Rotisserie assembly is actually a long-lost branch of
> sculpture,
> so divorced from its roots by centuries of intellectual wrong turns that
> just to associate the two sounds ludicrous."
> ZAMM, chapter 14.
> Seen in the light of MOQ, why are art and technology divorced? What is
> their
> role today? Is this divorce definitive?
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