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Date: Mon Jan 03 2000 - 22:13:30 GMT

well, I think it's my turn...

Hi moffers,

the Art/Technology separation is one of ZAMM main themes, and surely the one
that made me take my first interest in Pirsig. I would like to face this
theme in "moqist" terms, analyzing this process of separation

This month's issue was born during last September discussions. Denis and me
had an exchange about art and language and we agreed that art is a form of
language (maybe the high form): in fact we can distinguish the meaning of a
masterpiece and the technique used by the artist, in the same way a single
sentence has a meaning and a linguistic structure.

In moqist terms, we concluded that meaning is the dynamic side of art and
technique is the static one: it's impossible to have a "pure" meaning,
without technique, just like it's impossible to have a dynamic reality
without a static pattern of value. And the evolution of arts, just like the
evolution of any language, is mainly the dynamic growth of its dynamic side,
the meaning, supported by a necessary development of its static patterns,
the techniques.

In ZAMM Pirsig tells us that technology and art are divorced, but it's
"completely unnatural".
I think we all agree with him that this divorce is one of the problems of
our world, and it seems to be ... "immoral". We have today a situation in
which technology seems to be the winner, and art is often reduced to the
of "design" of technology products.

I ask myself:
1) Does art still have a dynamic role today?
2) What is technology? (in moqist terms: what are its values?).
3) How can technology evolve everyday faster (in moqist terms: what is its
dynamic aspect, its meaning?)
4) Pirsig says that at its birth technology was art: if it's so, what
happened to separate art and technology? (in moqist terms: in which step of
evolution it happened?)
5) Is this divorce definitive? (in moqist terms: is this divorce moral?)

As you see, I have a lot of questions, and few answers. That's why I
suggested this issue.
I would like to have your moqist interpretation of my enigma.


Marco. -

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