MF CALL FOR VOTES - February 2000

From: Diana McPartlin (
Date: Sat Jan 29 2000 - 03:23:32 GMT

Hi everyone

It's ~2 days before the end of the month, time to start voting on the
topic suggestions for next month. You may post your votes between now
and 31 January.

A couple of points:

Please use the same subject line as this post when you submit your vote.

Please vote for only one of the topics listed below.

1. 'Lila' was described in one it's reviews as 'having little to add but
more dull taxonomy'. Given that trying to solve moral dilemmas using MOQ
seems to create as much debate and confusion as not using MOQ and there also
seems to be considerable confusion as to the interpretion of Pirsig's
levels, is this a fair criticism?
(Philip Wigg)

2. SOM that seems to attract so much blame is also described as, 'a straw
man, a position held by no-one'. Who exactly does hold a purely SOM
position? Who completely denies the existence of Quality? If nobody, or very
few people, who or what are we criticising?
(Philip Wigg)

3. In addition to LILA and ZMM which other books would you recommend
to members of
(Diana McPartlin)

Diana -

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