Re: MF Dave's Slips (Defining the Intellectual Level)

From: Richard Budd (
Date: Sun Jun 04 2000 - 15:44:59 BST

 Dave, Bo, and all:
Dave... I love the idea with the slips, but I think the slips are supposed
to have ideas on them, not just words associated with the topic....

  "Are intelligence and intellectual value the same
> > thing.
> the most intriguing and am looking forward to a lot of provocative
> inputs."

And I add.... what about IQ??? When Pirsig boats about his 169
Stanford-Binet IQ scores (in ZMM)--- what exactly is it that the test has
measured? His capacity for being independent from society? His ability to
employ SOL? ---- Pirsig seems to indicate that it has to do with analytical
reasoning leading me to believe it has something to do with the employment
of SOL....
So I guess I would answer NO to the question at hand. Intellectual Value
has to do with freedom from sociological value.... Intelligence has to do
with the employment of analytical reason (or SOL if you prefer) which I will
grant is a tool of the Intellectual level, but I doubt it's the whole ball
It's all Good,
Rick -

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