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From: Jonathan Marder (
Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 11:41:57 BST

Hi all,

This group had better do some static latching fast, either that or
change its name to MoQ DEfocus.

> I'll be your stewardess for this month, and the question is:
> Of all the levels, the one that seems to create the most confusion or
appear most obscure is
> the intellectual level. What exactly is it? What are its values? What
are its goals? How does
> it manifest itself? Why should intellectual level values prevail over
social level values? Are
> intelligence and intellectual value the same thing.
> In short, define the intellectual level.

Much of this was discussed before and is in the archives. For example,
the topic for December 1998

 From ROGER's opening post:
Brains, minds and intellectual patterns... How are these related to each
and to society? What defines and distinguishes an intellectual pattern
gives it its lofty perch atop the static patterns of value?

I think that many of the new postings are needless repetitions of
arguments that have been had many times over.

Can I ask everyone to stop posting until they've looked through the

I know it takes some time for newcomers to realize that they usually
aren't the first ones bringing up particular points, and they do deserve
a chance to make their point in their own words, but as to the
old-hands, there's no excuse?

Jonathan -

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