Re: MF Intellectual level

From: Simon K (
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 15:59:21 BST

Hi all,

Thanks for the welcome and for clearing things up for me. I apologise for
not doing this sooner, but I'm in the middle of my A levels at the minute.

Dave B voiced the theory of the MOQ as concentric circles. However, that's
only what it looks like from a distance. Get closer, and you'll discover
that what from afar looked like circles is actually a spiral. In the centre
of the spiral lies the inorganic circle/level, and so on until the outer
point of the spiral (presently intellectual). We can define approximate
areas for each level, but never the level and its limits. Who can say
precisely where biological needs become social desires? Therefore, all we
can define is the level's essence. In the case of the intellectual level, I
would say the essence is interpretation (as has been said before), based
upon WHY and HOW.
Standing upon the end of the spiral, the force that pushes us forwards stems
not only from the intellectual level where our feet our, but the whole
wound-up spring-like nature of reality.

That's the only definition of the intellectual level that I can give.

As for intellectual level values prevailing over social values, they don't.
It's just that our perspective on the spiral tends to hide those values
further away from us.

Simon -

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