MF Intellect and Intellegence

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MF Intellect and Intellegence

>In short, define the intellectual level.

Intellect is that faculty of a person that organises and brings order and
stability to the structure of beliefs ( static patterns ) of that person
by establishing and reestablishing the interrelation and hierarchy in
which the belief/s identified as having the highest value or priority
dominate or even discard the beliefs of a lower value by making them
subservient to the highest belief. At an advanced stage it generates
new beliefs or modifies existing beliefs by exploring, exposing and
thereby transcending the limitations of older beliefs.
Intellect starts by first establishing a basic static order that
provides for the functional requirement of stability and survival
and then advances by breaking free from that static order
into a dynamic order in which the hierarchy of the structure
dissolves.The values and priorities of beliefs are replaced with
VALIDITY of beliefs and counterbeliefs. Validity contains in it
both values and morals.Intellect that remains stuck in a static order
(fixed beliefs) eventually degenerates.

>Are intelligence and intellectual value the same thing ?

Not quite.Intellegence is the sum of intellect and the DISTINCT
FACULTY for spontaneously generating experiences ,responses, solutions
and beliefs from the abstract or from dynamic reality.

Intellegence is closely related to Quality . If a Metaphysical
split is made of Intellegence one way to do it can be by saying
that Intellegence is a Quality that has two components :

Known Quality and Unknown Quality

Reason deals with known quality and the counterpart of reason
accesses unknown quality. Known quality can be quantified by
say IQ tests and other procedures but unknown quality cannot be
quantified and therefore cannot be scientifically tested or proven.
The source of known quality is through the sensory systems , the
source of unknown quality is essentially unknown and perhaps

Intellect starts from the point of reason - its foundation is reason.
Experience then time and again reminds the self that there is a
counterpart to reason.The force of general agreement obliterates
the operation of the counterpart of reason and that explains why
there is no name as yet given to this counterpart of reason.
For lack of a better word, the word 'abstract'comes closest.
The operation of the abstract faculties of man manifests in
art , religion (originators of),poetry , music , extra-sensory
perception ( or more appropriately - Non-sensory perception ).
( Reason says its all nonsense )
Anyhow, intellect senses that there is more to this world than known
quality and strives to move towards that bridge that connects the two.
On this bridge rests quality, intellegence, morals and values.
Chunks, bits and pieces of unknown quality are accessed apperently
at random that result in insights and revelations. Reason goes to
work on these and dissects and breaks up these further by giving
them form in terms of language, symbols , beliefs etc.and assigns
them a place in its structure. There is however no well known
and tested procedure to reach to this bridge except the unbending
will of an individual to do so.This bridge can also be approached
from the

>Why should intellectual level values prevail over social level values?

Not why but when . When intellectual level values can produce results
in terms of demonstrating a better quality of life.

>Of all the levels, the one that seems to create the most confusion or
appear most obscure is the intellectual level.
>What exactly is it? What are its values? What are its goals? How does
it manifest itself?

It seeks to understand, explain and organise everything in the
perception of man.
The social goal of intellect is to bring order and stability by
convincing and dominating society by demonstrating a superior belief
management system. It seeks the highest moral and the highest value
to do so.
Eventually it may give up this dominating tendency if at all a stable
dynamic order has been attained - for then there would be no
need for domination.
It seeks a perfect order in the social and political affairs of man.

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