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Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 21:34:01 BST

Roger and Group
On 17 Jun you wrote:

> Bo, 3DW, David and gang,
> Below is the full quote that I have. Note that it has, as David
> suspected, been completely garbled over time. Sorry if I am to blame
> for this desecration. I think the original unadulterated quote makes
> sense. Especially the last sentence of the first paragraph.
> I will say that I think there is still a ton of confusion among
> various
> members on REALITY -- which is pure Quality -- and patterns of
> REALITY -- which are simplified, sliced and diced subjective and
> objective intellectual divisions of the undifferentiated seamless
> continuum. You are right Bo, the Intellectual level is the great
> divider.
> BTW, it has been a long time...... I have been busier than ever lately
> extending the MOQ into some new uncharted waters. I am attempting to
> better explain the process of pattern emergence and to show how the
> levels transcend each other. Unfortunately (or is it fortunately?),
> my pursuits have released a landslide of new insights that I can't
> supress. My writing is evolving from a brief paper to mini-book.
> Hopefully at least a few of my insights will be worthwhile......

Good to see your signature again. The new "unadulterated" Pirsig
quote I will have to study before commenting, but it looks more
substantial than the other version. Your BTW sounded most
interesting. Yes, the MOQ certainly has qualities that show when
one applies it in the SOM swamp, I never stop marvelling that here
we may have THE solution, and yet the difficulty in making it bear
on the temporary riddles without having the proverbial metaphysical
discussion at the end of every sentence. Phew!

I hope your paper will be published at the homepage, or do
you plan a printed book? That is risky biz. of course but would have
been something. Speak to Glove, he had some interesting bids for
his book project. Thanks so far.
Bo -

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