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From: 3rdWavedave (
Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 21:19:19 BST

Bo and all


> You have possibly noticed my effort to "smoke out" Jonathan and Wavedave so that we - before June's over

> WAVEDAVE is another mind-intellectual in my opinion.


In my opinion you're mistaken.

> Because of this it is very difficult, if not impossible, to clearly separate where the intellectual construct of a
> pattern leaves off and the pattern itself begins.

> From an emergence standpoint the next higher level cannot be present without the
> lower to evolve from. Or in other words you will not find an intellectual pattern floating around
> all by itself. It's ugly stepchildren social, biological and inorganic will be tagging along
> somewhere close.

In fact, as the above posted quotes and similar others indicate, I believe that it is impossible to
clearly define the dividing point between mind and body. Or for that matter the boundaries of any
of the four level of values that is "me. Or "me" from that " external world of things out there
which are independent of intellectual patterns". I have never experienced a mind, nor an
intellect, nor living intellectual pattern of value that was divorced from a body. Nor the
reverse, though I've experienced some who approach this condition, but naming names would probably
be considered "walloping."

I think many are confusing "independent" with "divorced" in their whole evaluation of levels. So let
me put it succinctly:

Divorce is not an option.

But some degree of independence or freedom is.

And it is these qualities that all strive for.

And the MoQ helps investigate the way.


PS: I'm off to Altanta for a little government mandated continuing education until the 26th. Check
on your summations then.

PPS: I'm also beginning to see why Struan, in his own irritating way, is right. The use of "SOM" as
a whipping boy to validate the MoQ creates more problems than it solves. -

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