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Date: Sun Jun 25 2000 - 04:03:17 BST


First a reminder:

Charter, Rules and Programs

MOQ_focus adds an extra dimension to our open discussion group - MOQ_discuss.
It is run as a series of monthly workshops during which a single question (or
PROGRAM as we like to call them) is discussed.

 The MOQ_focus group discusses only one question per month because:
 1. Focusing on one subject at a time allows us to dig more deeply into it.
 2. The planning and coordination of debates ensures we all study and discuss the
 same subject at the same time.
 3. Our members can participate meaningfully even if they only have an hour or two a
 week to follow the list.
 4. The clearly defined topic makes it easier for others to join in and follow the debate.

 1. Members must have read both Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and
 2. Members may post only one message every 24 hours (except for PROGRAM topic
 suggestions and voting in last week of month).
 3. Members must answer the program question in every post and must not pursue
 topics that may distract from the program.
 4. Members must express themselves clearly, concisely and courteously. They
 should not use html email nor send attachments.

 The MOQ_focus Steering Committee reserves the right to block any posts which
 break these rules.

 Our voting procedure is as follows, where day 0 is the first day of each new month:

 day -6 (00:00hrs GMT): Call for topics.
 day -3 (00:00hrs GMT): Call for votes.
 day 0 (00:00hrs GMT): New program begins.

 * Members can vote for one topic only.
 * Suggestion of topic and vote for topic are separate.
 * If members suggest topics or vote before the set days these will be held back until
 the set days and then posted to the list.
 * In the event of a tie the moderator will decide.
 * The moderator may reword the topic question to make it more conducive to
 constructive dialog on the MOQ.
 * A different person assumes the role of moderator each month. Anyone who has
 been an active member of MOQ_focus for three months can apply to be a moderator.

Now before we do the call for topics make sure you understand everything above,
because if you aren't willing to stick to them you shouldn't be a member of this list.
I don't think I can make it clearer than that.

The behaviour of certain members has been nothing short of disgusting this month.
I refer in particular to David Buchanan's threats to blackmail me unless I forward
his abusive messages to the list.

Nobody forces you to come here folks, if you don't like it you can leave. But as
long as you do choose to come here you should understand that this list did not
spring into existence spontaneously, it's the result of a lot of hard work from a
few generous individuals. I find it very sad that there are people who are willing
to take this gift and then spit in the faces of those who have given to them.

Call for topics will be from now until midnight 27 June. Hold your votes until I post
the Call for votes on 28 June.

Diana -

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