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From: Diana McPartlin (
Date: Sat Jan 23 1999 - 06:17:32 GMT

Welcome to the Lila Squad

The Lila Squad is a group of people engaged in an electronic dialog on the
subject of Robert M. Pirsig's Metaphysics of Quality, the philosophy
developed in his novels Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and,
especially, LILA

At the moment the Lila Squad is following a system of programs. One
"program" or question is asked every month and the group attempts to answer
that question. This structure encourages us to really focus on a subject
because we can be sure that the rest of the group is studying the same
thing at the same time and will share and listen to our conclusions.

The Lila Squad is currently a moderated group and all members are required
to stick to the guidelines below.

Lila Squad guidelines

1. To join this list you must have read both Zen and the Art of Motorcycle
Maintenance and LILA and you must agree to stick to the Lila Squad rules.

2. To keep mail at a manageable level and to ensure everyone has a chance
to speak, Lila Squad members are allowed to post only one message every 24

3. To establish commitment and trust amongst the members all Lila Squad
members must post at least one message every two weeks.

4. Lila Squad members must answer the program question in every post.

5. Program questions will be decided on at the end of each month. The
administrator will invite suggestions and all members will be asked to
vote. Posts on the subject of voting for the next topic will not be counted
as part of the one post per 24 hour allowance.

6. Lila Squad members must express themselves clearly, separate quotes from
the rest of the text, and keep messages brief and to the point. They should
not use html email nor send attachments to the list without the prior
agreement of the administrator.

7. Lila Squad members must express themselves politely.

8. The Lila Squad Steering Committee reserves the right to block any posts
which break these rules and suspend any members who persistently ignore
them. Suspensions will be considered on a case by case basis and warnings
will always be given before any action is taken.

9. All Lila Squad members may apply to join the Lila Squad Steering
Committee after they have been members of the Lila Squad for three months.
Acceptance into the committee will be at the discretion of the current
committee but will usually be given to anyone who is prepared to sacrifice
one hour per day for a month in order to monitor the list.

Why do we need rules?

The Internet has opened up amazing possibilities for communication, but
our experience on usenet and the lists over the past few years has shown
that genuine sharing of ideas is rare. Far too often fascinating subjects
are raised only to descend into schoolyard jibes of "is so", "ain't so". We
believe that a little discipline and consideration for others can help us
break free from that and achieve true dialog.

The Lila Squad Steering Committee

The Lila Squad Steering Committee is separate from the MOQ Online committee
and exists to administer the Lila Squad only. The Lila Squad committee
monitors all posts to the squad. That means we will read them before
forwarding them to the group and may delete posts which do not adhere to
the rules. The current committee is Diana McPartlin, Magnus Berg, Horse and
Keith Gillette. Every month one of us takes a turn at monitoring the posts.

Procedures in the Lila Squad may change as we find better ways of doing
things and we are always open to suggestions. The Internet is still a new
medium and it is a learning process for all of us.

Diana McPartlin

Lila Squad Administrator
23 January 1999

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