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Date: Sat Oct 02 2004 - 10:03:26 BST

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    I think mind is very curious. In painting I bumped up against some 'habits
    of mind' (SQ), and an idea dawned. I was actually trying to use a more
    generous application of paint, but no matter what I did I continued to be
    skimpy with the paint. It seemed an unconscious process. It was extremely

    Then one day I realized many of the steps just below the 'stingy
    application of paint' were habit (SQ): the amount of paint I put on the
    palette, the brush was too small, the canvas was too porous, etc.. If I
    began to work with these lower level steps, I would change the dynamics of
    applying paint. WaLaa!! I can take this whole lump of habit and move it
    towards DQ. Move it with some awareness. I may, or may not, make
    changes. The changes I do make can be temporary, or permanent. Whatever
    seems to work. It's the awareness and choice that is fun. Of course with
    painting, the choices are not really monumental. (Not like how to feed the
    world. Or how to get humanity to stop killing each other.) Hmm.

    This definitely seems a hierarchical method of thinking, and it is a 'habit
    of thought'. Like 'theater in the round', I bet there is 'thought in the
    round'. Multitasking and recursive are common in programming.

    Does everyone in the world know this stuff but me? To be honest, in
    writing this stuff my ego is growing and shrinking at a rapid rate. It's
    really pathetic. Why should I care either way? This is where the mind
    should learn to let go. Ahhh. It's yes, no, and all of the above.


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