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From: Charles Roghair (
Date: Wed Oct 06 2004 - 23:50:02 BST

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    > [Joe] One of the seven sins was Sloth. The positive of Sloth is Trust.
    > I trust the sun will rise tomorrow, I am virtuous. I accept the
    > intellectual level is higher than the social level. I am virtuous. I
    > have no way to discuss with others the DQ of these levels. For myself
    > I use a mystical order-gravity, purpose, existence, unfinished s/o.
    > Maybe I am talking to myself, but when I sing I have fun.

    It's not the people, necessarily. It's the dogma, and then the people
    who allow themselves to become thoughtless vessels for dogma. That is
    what I rail against.

    For the record, I have fun when I sing as well.



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