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Date: Sat Oct 09 2004 - 21:04:27 BST

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    A good evening to you Mr Platt

    > Ever wonder why that is so? Maybe freedom and capitalism had something to
    > do with it.

    Yes of course it does, capitalism has had a very postivie moment,
    but it also has a negative side. The aristocracy had their up side
    and down side and moment of historical termination. Once
    capitalism has delivered via competition and disciplined
    division of labor the tools and skills necessary for providing
    material comfort there may be more advanced ways to organise
    our civilisation, especially if capitalism produces a very dangerous
    and unfortuanate class of losers.

    > I can't imagine any "corner" that would justify the act of a suicide
    > bomber.

    Nor I, but I think it would be good to understand those who can,
    I think I can understand how someone could make this mistake,
    a human mistake. How can we prevent this mistake occuring. We do
    not usually bomb someone for ignorance in maths, why so for
    ignorance in morals and the means of long term persuasion.

    > Inequality is oppression? That's a new one on me. I don't feel oppressed
    > by Bill Gates or Theresa Kerry.

    Well that's because you are sitting on the table of a bit less yet still
    plenty. What if you sit at the table of bugger all food or bugger all
    freedom to use some Python language.

    > Your argument seems to boil down to inequality causes terrorism, and that
    > if we just would redistribute wealth throughout the world under some sort
    > of grand socialist scheme, all would be well. If that's not what you have
    > in mind, I'm at a loss to understand what your plan for invoking
    > "international law" would entail. Perhaps you will further explain.

    If you boil something down you will damage the quality.
    I think justice is more important than equality. Have you no
    suspicion that capitalism might be a bit unfair? Capitalism is
    a competition. But when one side turns up with a fast car and
    the other with bare feet the race is likely to have only one winner.
    International law might help move towards some notion of everyone
    agreeing to the rules of the game.

    I have had chances in life and taken them, but I am pretty sure that
    many have had no chance at all. I think capitalism will never reach some
    people or all the people. More effort than faith in a certain temporary
    system is required. Are you a thinking man or not?


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