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    Hello David,

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    > Hi folks
    > I still like to bang on about my view that
    > SQ is the withdrawal of DQ. Does anyone
    > else get this?

    I am not sure I quite grasp the
    meaning of this language re DQ.

    This almost gives the picture of
    the rime of brine, left behind
    from the splash of sea spray,
    a haze of salt, after the water
    has evaporated.

    DQ is full of limitless possibilities.
    > If it expresses one possibility and withdraws we
    > are left with only repeats. This is SQ.

    This almost sounds like the collapse
    of quantum potential into a definite
    state. Is that a good analogy?

    > Any other takers for my humble idea?
    > It links very nicely with god as the withdrawn
    > one in some religious writings.

    Judging from most human dogma
    churned out, taking the name of
    Religion in vane, I am pretty sure
    that God would choose to be an

    That's the advantage of my being
    omniignorant... ;-)


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