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Date: Thu Oct 14 2004 - 07:14:01 BST

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    Hello "wall flower" msh,

    > Though I'm usually shy about expressing my opinion on this list (ask
    > anyone), I think I'll jump in here:


    > The confusion you're all struggling with here arises because,
    > somewhere in time, whomever introduced you to religion (nay, poured
    > religion into your brains) forgot to mention this subtle distinction,
    > if even they were aware of it. The result is you have a bunch of
    > fully grown adults going around thinking, for example, that some guy
    > actually walked on water, multiplied loaves and fishes, was
    > crucified, died, and was buried... then rose from the dead. This
    > makes for a lot of heavy back unloading of bs in the later years.

    Not that it matters whether it is a Christian miracle, a
    spontaneous remission (medical miracle), a completely
    inexplicable distribution, a yogin holding an orange seed
    that sprouts, produces leaves, blooms, and sets an orange
    all in his palm, or the invoking a name, a state of being, etc,

    Sounds like you've stayed so far inside your
    comfort zone that you haven't seen any, for
    lack of a better term, "wierd s#!t".

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