Re: MD On Faith - Improbability ?

From: Scott Roberts (
Date: Fri Oct 15 2004 - 15:06:17 BST

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    > Natural selection - yes.
    > Soleley by chance - not exclusively since humans started agriculture and
    > domestication, not to mention any intelligent life started communcation
    > forms of inter-genereation memory other tha DNA.
    > I understand evolution, what I didn't understand was that I'd made any
    > specific mechanistic point about it.

    As I said, the only reason I can think of to assume "solely by chance" in
    biological evolution is to maintain theoretical reducibility of the
    biological to Newtonian physics, which is what I mean by mechanistic. If
    one isn't interested in maintaining such reducibility, why not be agnostic
    on the question?

    > As I've said I'm bored with having to constantly debate it against
    > in purposeful gods, can we move beyond the bio-level - please.

    I'm not a believer in purposeful gods or in God. I am merely convinced on
    philosophical grounds that Darwinism (meaning that biological evolution can
    be explained solely through chance and natural selection) is materialist
    dogma, not science, so I see no reason for Darwinism other than to maintain
    a belief in materialism.

    - Scott

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