Re: MD On Faith - Improbability ?

From: David Morey (
Date: Sun Oct 17 2004 - 14:36:59 BST

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    > msh says:
    > But isn't the fossil record loaded with examples of biological false
    > starts, goofy non-viable mutations, and dead ends? (I bet Jim can
    > provide plenty of examples.

    DM: As any scientist will tell you anything in the fossil record must have
    pretty successful at hanging around and breeding for quite some time to
    a turn up in the fossil record. Fossil record captures the top designs only.
    Darwin's theory clearlt plays a role but we have a lot more to learn yet I
    suspect. Mutation is not key either, variation is more important
    and this is not easy to explain. It sort of presumes an endless creative
    process from which selection can work, this is not currently substantiated,
    get yourself up to date my friend and accept the limited status of our
    current knowledge and don't just repeat neo-Darwin fantasy as fact. To be
    fair, or course, today's fantasy can be tomorrow's fact. But today's fact
    be tomorrow's illusion too.

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