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From: Scott Roberts (
Date: Tue Oct 19 2004 - 17:30:45 BST

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    > Scott Roberts wrote:
    > It (the clash between science and religion) has been resolved for over a
    > hundred years in liberal Protestant theology. The Catholics took longer,
    > they have no problem either, since Vatican II.
    > jl in polite astonishment:
    > Really????????
    > dmb sez:
    > Again, SR, you seem to be on a different planet. If you think the clash
    > been resolved, then I can only conclude that you don't understand what
    > conflict is all about. Another reason for coming to this conclusion.....

    [Scott:] See my reply to Jim.

    > Scott Roberts began his reply to dmb:
    > (Note: I've cut out the parts about empiricism, since I would rather
    > address that question separately).
    > dmb says:
    > Jeez, talk about missing the point. The parts about empiricism were
    > absolutely crucial to the main point and purpose of the post. Pirsig's
    > expanded empiricism, epistemological pluralism as Wilber calls it, allows
    > science and religion to co-exist as equals again and so resolves the
    > conflict. I just don't have the patience it takes to talk to a guy who
    > delete the main ideas in a response.

    [Scott:] I was aware that the parts about empiricism were crucial to the
    main point. However, I disagree with Pirsig's empiricist outlook, but I
    felt it would be better to treat that separately, since it (my
    disagreement) had no bearing on the point of your post. Your main point is,
    of course, correct, that epistemological pluralism resolves the conflict.
    But that solution has been around, as I said, for a long time. So in
    response to your post I limited myself to comments on statements you and
    Pirsig made that I thought could be handled with simple corrections. To
    combine that with an argument over empiricism would have been too messy and
    beside the point.

    - Scott

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