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Date: Thu Oct 21 2004 - 04:48:08 BST

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    Hi Mel (pleased to meet you):

    Yes, I agree. Sorry....I didn't mean literally, I was using the word
    "required" to emphasize my own enthusiasm for the book. Lets say it could go
    on the "recommended reading list" - that's a voluntary proposition. Although
    I think many of the ideas from ZMM could be snuck into the teaching
    environment vis a vis exercises, designed to raise questions in this
    direction. For instance, I sometimes teach painting to beginning students.
    And it's clear from observing them, that unless they stop "thinking about"
    what they are looking at, and start really observing it, they will not
    perceive well enough to create a likeness. Something in this
    direction...bringing up questions about how to study, how to perceive the
    problem we are in front of - how to paint the figure or whatever, as a
    problem of quality of thought and perception. But it's a hard nut to crack
    anyway you look at it!


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    >Hello Jainy:
    > > ...BTW, I think ZMM should be required
    > > reading for all art students.
    >I must take exception to this...
    >While students SHOULD read it, to make
    >As much as I respect teachers, I've had a
    >number of really bad ones who taught
    >"required" books. They were unenthusiastic
    >Such a fate would work to destroy any
    >possibility for Quality.
    >Let the readers come to the book as willing
    >I wish it were otherwise.
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