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Date: Sat Oct 23 2004 - 15:57:38 BST

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    Hi Chris,

    You quoted:
    > "The inescapable implication of the Selfish Biocosm hypothesis is that the
    > immense saga of biological evolution on Earth is one tiny chapter in an
    > ageless tale of the struggle of the creative force of life against the
    > disintegrative acid of entropy, of emergent order against encroaching
    > chaos, and ultimately of the.....
    > .......heroic power of mind against the brute
    > intransigence of lifeless matter."(Gardner)

    And asked:

    > ...the 'heroic power of the mind against....' - still sure about your
    > possible purchase?

    The implication of "mind" as a cosmic force doesn't bother me because I
    associate it with DQ, like in the title of one of my favorite books by the
    physicist Paul Davies, "The Mind of God." Further, I attribute Pirsig's
    assertion that particles "prefer" certain behavior to "primal mind," a
    necessary precondition for the moral evolutionary structure presented in
    the MOQ.

    I presume you have a different view of "mind," but I'm not sure. Perhaps
    you'll further explain.


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