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From: David Morey (
Date: Sun Oct 24 2004 - 13:07:14 BST

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    > Why should science and religion be walled off from each other when there
    > is
    > only one world?
    > That's the problem.
    > That's the conflict.
    > These two domains should in fact be complimenting and supporting each
    > other
    > in a unified vision of reality. Instead, they depict starkly different
    > worlds, which tends to make people a little bonkers, a little fractured.
    DMB wrote the above. You US guys are defending reason against
    some pretty backward looking religion in the US context. I understand this
    and you sure need to. Us UK folks are in a completely different context.
    In the UK religion has almost always embraced science and rationalism.
    Most of our early naturalists were church men. And even now for example
    John Polkinghorne is a physicist and Anglican minister. So we do not have
    your problems. In our context I would say that if anything our best
    thinking asks the question if their is more to experience than what the
    tradition offers, it is expanding the common inertia to thinking rather than
    limiting thinking. Thanks for your conflicts but they are your problem.

    David Morey

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