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Date: Wed Oct 27 2004 - 23:20:04 BST

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    Hi MarshaV,

    > Sam, why do I need your Christian perspective? Do you need all to think like you? Is your form
    of worship so very special??? Is there no value in searching for a new way? Is your way better
    than my way? I think, and feel, that MOQ offers a new way.
    > What do you want from x-christians or non-christians.

    Er... maybe you don't need Christianity, quite possible. Gandhi concluded that he didn't, and he did
    marvellous things (although he was also clearly influenced by it, and he incorporated good bits into
    his weltanschauung). I'm less concerned about converting people (not my job) than about pointing out
    untruths. If you know the truth about Christianity, and it still doesn't float your boat, all well
    and good. But if your understanding of Christianity is based upon certain mistaken assumptions then
    you're not in a position to know whether it will float your boat or not. So I guess I would say that
    I'm concerned that Christianity is properly understood - then to be rejected or not, as people
    assess it's Quality for themselves (and there are people associated with this site who have assessed
    the Quality of Christianity more-or-less properly and said no, and I'm absolutely fine with that, eg
    Scott Roberts, David Morey, John Beasley, Bo Skutvik, Matt Kundert and - surprising as it might seem
    to some - Platt Holden as well). I just get frustrated when (what I see as) ignorant and prejudiced
    falsehoods get passed off as high-Quality discourse. Let's at least agree that truth is important.

    I think the MoQ offers a new(ish) way as well, but as it stands it's too Buddhist for me. Hence I
    take what I find to be of value from it, and recast level 4 in a way that I'm comfortable with.
    Which upsets the purists but there you go, you can't please everyone all the time.


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