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Date: Thu Oct 28 2004 - 20:56:39 BST

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    Scott: or a different kind of example, I'm sure that Buddhists raise their
    children with the same sort of over-simplifications that Christians do, as
    in "be good, or in your next reincarnation you will be a hungry ghost."
    Within Buddhism as practiced, you will find as much if not more
    superstition as in theistic religions. But in the West, we have been mostly
    exposed to a fourth level version of Buddhism. Well, there is a fourth
    level version of Christianity as well.

    I mentioned it a long time ago but you weren't here Marsha and others so it would be new for some. This fictional book (which had a recommendation from pirsig on the back) was about an American Buddhist in a Japanese Buddhist monastery. "Thank You and OK: An American Zen Failure in Japan" The whole book is very humorous and I do recommend it but the part that I wanted to mention was where the American and Japanese monks did a 'cheers" with their morning drink, the American said " I am an American so I drink green tea." and the Japanese said "I am Japanese so I drink instant coffee". hee hee thought that was funny.



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