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    "This means Quality is not just the result of a collision between subject
    and object. The very existence of subject and object themselves is deduced
    from the Quality event. The Quality event is the cause of the subjects and
    objects, which are then mistakenly presumed to be the cause of the


    "He then proceeded in terms of the trinity to answer the question, Why does
    everybody see Quality differently? This was the question he had always had
    to answer speciously before. Now he said, ``Quality is shapeless, formless,
    indescribable. To see shapes and forms is to intellectualize. Quality is
    independent of any such shapes and forms. The names, the shapes and forms
    we give Quality depend only partly on the Quality. They also depend partly
    on the a priori images we have accumulated in our memory. We constantly
    seek to find, in the Quality event, analogues to our previous experiences.
    If we didn't we'd be unable to act. We build up our language in terms of
    these analogues. We build up our whole culture in terms of these

    "The reason people see Quality differently, he said, is because they come
    to it with different sets of analogues. He gave linguistic examples,
    showing that to us the Hindi letters da, da, and dha all sound identical to
    us because we don't have analogues to them to sensitize us to their
    differences. Similarly, most Hindi-speaking people cannot distinguish
    between da and the because they are not so sensitized. It is not uncommon,
    he said, for Indian villagers to see ghosts. But they have a terrible time
    seeing the law of gravity."




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    Subject: MD Where does quality reside?

    > msh says:
    > Why do people sometimes disagree about the
    > objects in which Quality resides?

    Quality resides in objects? Or in the "eye of the beholder?" I think
    Pirsig addresses this perennial question, but I can't find where. Anyone
    know where he gives a definitive answer? Perhaps Quality "resides" in both
    subject and object? If so, what's the relationship?



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