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From: Erin (
Date: Sun Oct 31 2004 - 21:11:01 GMT

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    [Erin said to Rich,

    I was just reading about how Stephen King's book about the Red Sox 2004 season is called Faithful, made me giggle. You never did tell me why coincidence is a platypus.

    dmb says:

    This is the wrong thread, but it reminded me. The curse of the bambino by was lifted under a blood-red lunar eclipse by John Kerry's home team in Busch stadium. If I knew how to read signs and omens (synchronicities), I'd have to say the Dems will take the White House next Tuesday, and it'll get very ugly. Its already creepy and hostile, but I have a bad feeling that seems bigger than what's in the news. But I don't now. Its just a hunch, I guess. But I thought it might be interesting to put it in writing before the fact and check it against events as they unfold.

    Erin: yes put it in writing or else there will be no empircal evidence, how can you be sure you experienced a correct prediction!

    dmb: I hate baseball and astrologers.

    Erin: I am sure it/they love you:-)
    P.S. I hate politics

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