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Date: Sat Dec 04 2004 - 03:52:43 GMT

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    Platt Holden <> wrote:
    Hi Steve,

    > What is Moral Absolutism?
    > Are there other types of morality?

    Referring to my Philosophy 101 textbook:

    Relativism: In ethics, the belief, based on empirical observation, that
    what is considered to be right and wrong differs from one society to
    another and one person to another, [implying that there are no universal
    codes of right and wrong.]

    Formalism (Absolutism): In ethics, the position that there are universal
    ethical standards that apply to all men, [often believed to have been
    revealed by a deity.]

    Platt, Steve, Ian and all,

    It seems like you can believe the first part of the definition without necessarily believe in what is in brackets. So a question ---can the definition still be considered complete if you take out what is in brackets?



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