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    Scott said:
    ...In Pirsig, DQ is treated as a force from outside of ourselves to which we
    are to respond, and to which we are to transcend. ...This does not mean that
    Pirsig is "all wrong". It just means that the MOQ as it is now is inadequate
    as a basis for a discussion of the self. ...If you want to bolster your
    case, show me something from the MOQ that sounds like 'self-identity of
    absolute contradictories', in particular as a characterization of the self.

    dmb replies:
    DQ is a force outside ourselves? NO! As Pirsig says, in the quote posted
    repeatedly in recent weeks, DQ is the big Self and SQ is the small self. Is
    that contradictory enough for you, bonehead? That'll be your new nick-name.

    Just kidding. I'm actually grateful that you at least tried. But I'm still
    convinced that you have a serious reading comprehension problem...

    Lila's Child, Annotation 29:
    "The MOQ, as I understand it, denies any existence of a "self" that is
    independent of inorganic, biological, social or intellectual patterns. There
    is no "self" that contains these patterns. These patterns contain the self.
    This denial agrees with both religious mysticism and scientific knowledge.
    In Zen, there is reference to "big self" and "small self." Small self is the
    patterns. Big self is Dynamic Quality."

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