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Date: Thu Dec 09 2004 - 00:28:26 GMT

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    Hello, Chin --

    > Everything is art; if it is done with the highest Quality it is a thing of
    > It is mundane, systematic, effortless creation; you are simply going
    through life on cruise control, afraid to accelerate or > take a curve fast
    as the excitement is feared to lead to only negative consequences. There is
    not adrenaline, only the
    > biological heartbeat of existence in a so-so effort made in a so-so life
    to come to a so-so end. You have existed, but
    > your existence meant nothing.

    That is neither religion nor philosophy, Chin. It's plain, old-fashioned

    I must admit I'm disappointed in Platt's most recent stance on the Absolute
    which you are here defending. It was my belief that Pirsig had something
    extraordinary going in his non-material essence called Quality. But if
    these conclusions are valid expressions of the Metaphysics of Quality, then
    it would seem our discussion is no more than a writers' forum on the
    esthetics of existential quality.

    When I complained about these postings having little substance, I was
    referring to the meaning of life which is the goal of all philosophy. You
    now say life has no meaning. Perhaps Platt is saying the same. This
    saddens me, because it indicates that we've failed to grasp the full
    potential of a valuistic philosophy. And that applies to my own Philosophy
    of Essence as much as to Pirsig's MOQ.

    Until someone else out there can show me where I've missed something vital
    in these exchanges, they've lost their vitality for me.


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