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Date: Mon Dec 13 2004 - 15:17:19 GMT

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    Hi MSH,

    Great post! A keeper! As you know, my take on "code of art" is simply
    "pursuit of beauty in all endeavors." There's an ordinary way to drive a
    bus and a beautiful way, as you so beautifully described. Your post shows
    how to reach for the "aesthetic" in the aesthetic continuum. Many thanks.


    > msh says:
    > Yeah, I should have said everything we do is art, but some of our
    > doin's are more artful than others. Driving back from breakfast this
    > morning, my LTC and I discussed this very idea. I suggested there's art in
    > everything we do, as long as we do everything as if God was watching over
    > our shoulder. She laughed a little, because she knows I don't believe in
    > God, per se.
    > She drives buses for Seattle Metro, so when she realized I was sort
    > of serious, she asked what's artistic about driving a bus? I said
    > think of the driver who slides smoothly in and out of traffic, who
    > starts and stops without a jerk, never misses a stop, opens and
    > closes the door at the perfect moment, who arrives and departs never
    > an instant too early or too late. When you drive like that you have
    > a sense that it's not you who's doing the driving, and you're right. Now
    > compare that driver to one who accelerates rapidly and breaks sharply,
    > jerking passengers out of their seats, who's always off- schedule and so is
    > rushing or waiting, who fumes at other drivers and his own passengers. The
    > first is in tune with his environment, and has God at his shoulder; the
    > other is alone and at odds with everything. The first is performing his
    > task more artfully than the second.
    > I finished with "It doesn't matter whether you stack cans in a
    > grocery aisle, or drive a bus, or pound a dent out of a fender, or
    > fight fires or raise children. Everything is as artful as you make
    > it." The rest of the way home she was silent but smiling.

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