Re: MD Biological - Terrorism?

Date: Mon Dec 13 2004 - 23:19:06 GMT

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    Arlo and all,

    You stated:

    "The litmus test for any "law" endeavor (which is a codeification of static
    social pattens) should be whether or not it is (1) truly needed to protect
    societal disintigration from biological level patterns, and if so, to
    but if not, to permit, and (2) to ensure that Intellectual value is not
    sacrificed to preserve static social patterns, as it is immoral to stifle
    Intellectual quality to preserve social quality, even if the threat is real."
    Let me see if I have this correct. What the statement above means is that a
    "law" is just and/or moral if it is determined that a biological level pattern
     can only 1) protect society and 2) preserve a static social pattern as long
    as it is on the intellectual level?
    With this I find a lot of unknowing. I think that just about everything can
    have some type of threat to society. Whether it's a pill or a computer. They
    can also have a intellectual positive on society as well. If Freud was high on
     cocaine yet produced some effective and accurate psychological data how can
    any society determine the difference of good vs bad when using cocaine?
    If smoking marijuana "enhances" a musical experience what is "that"? Would
    one consider that a manipulation of Quality that is not real? And if not then
    why is it illegal?
    We can go on and on with examples but I guess my question is how we
    determine what is right and wrong? Because not a whole society will totally agree.
    And if you disagree and you become the minority (for example, you are a pot
    smoker and have never harmed anyone or, when under the influence, put yourself
    in a position to harm anyone) isn't this taking away from your ability to
    experience Quality?

    Without getting too far away from this far as terrorism, or the
    use of it, I believe there is a lot to be desired. When terrorism is used is
    the rationality because it's a last resort? What if you try and try through
    summits and meetings and peaceful resolutions yet you still have a country
    invading yours? Despite how your country's current system is, by drawing lines on
    the earth doesn't that create and - more harmfully protect - static patterns
    that are the ROOT CAUSE of the hatred and fighting in the world?
    You also added:

    "More on this soon..."

    Great! I enjoy your ideas and rationality.
    Thanks for humoring my feeble mind!!!
    Dan H

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