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From: Arlo J. Bensinger (
Date: Tue Dec 14 2004 - 18:22:32 GMT

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    > If it wasn't for the social cost of treating drug addicts, I'd be all in
    > favor of legalizing drug use. If you want to blow your brains and end up a
    > blithering idiot lying in a gutter, be my guest. Just don't come running
    > to me for a handout to treat your suicidal behavior.

    You see the insulting assumption conservatives make about what you do if it
    wasn't for them "deciding what best for you"?

    > But that's me. Society has decided to care for all who are distressed,
    > whether self-inflicted or not. In so doing, it rightfully places certain
    > restrictions on behavior to reduce the direct and indirect costs of drug
    > use.

    So we should criminalize cholesterol, nicotine, alchohol, deep-fryed food, ...
    because ALL of these things have very high direct and indirect costs on drug

    > You do favor a democratic system to decide these matters don't you?

    The agreement of a majority is not moral justification to (1) repress
    Intellectual quality, or (2) repress non-threatening biological quality.

    If marijuana is a threatening biological quality, then so is nicotine. I've
    never heard Platt say he favors criminalizing smoking (to reduce the direct and
    indirect cost of healthcare on society).

    Like all conservative mumbojumbo, its just random Victorian morality, with no
    Intellectual justification whatsoever.


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