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    People would often say to me, "...but marijuana is a 'gateway' drug," and I
    would always reply, "Yeah, a 'gateway' to good times."

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    Dan H,

    > Platt asked Arlo:
    > "I take it you're in favor of legalizing all drugs. If not, why not?"

    > Dan answers:
    > I think marijuana should be legalized - but governed under the same laws
    > of alcohol. It has non-addictive traits (physical).

    That's debatable. But what about other illegal drugs? Would you legalize
    them, too. If not, why not?

    > I'll ask you - What is
    > so wrong with marijuana that it has to be made illegal? Besides the fact
    > that the USG cannot make profits from it because anyone can grow it.

    I would guess it's illegal because it often leads to use of stronger drugs
    with resultant higher social costs. But, I'm not an expert on the subject.

    > Platt to Arlo:
    > " . . . costs on drug use"?? Another Arlononsequitur."

    > Dan answers: I think what Arlo was talking about is the cost to consumers
    > for prescription drugs (too). Especially after the latest scandal
    > Viaox. What a sham that is. Makes me wonder how many more drugs that
    > should have never been approved are on the market - for the sole reason
    > make money!. In addition, how much money from drug manufactures go to
    > political campaigns?

    You seem to be against making money. Is there something immoral in that?
    How are you going to buy your marijuana if you don't make money? As for
    political campaigns, would you make it illegal for companies, billionaires
    and web sites like to contribute?

    > Platt asked:
    > "!) As if blowing your mind is intellectual quality, and 2) as if drugs
    > don't threaten society. (Been to a gang war lately?)"

    > Dan answers: Platt, I really don't believe that illegal drugs have one
    > specific outcome from consumption, that is to "blow one's mind".
    > If we're
    > comparing apples let's review the outcomes of alcohol use. Are you saying
    > alcohol is completely safe?

    No. But are you saying we should ban alcohol and all other drugs? Or
    legalize all drugs? I'm not sure where you stand on the drug issue... .

    > And Gang Wars aren't necessarily over drugs! To
    > me, that's a superficial comment. What about suppression and poverty.

    What about it? Who's suppressing whom?

    > What
    > else do these kids have when that's all we're teaching them???

    We're teaching them to be gang members?

    >Or, maybe
    > that's all we're (the "fortunate") are labeling them as. I see a lot of
    > contradictions with that statement when you get to the roots.

    How come we're the "fortunate"? Did we just get lucky in Las Vegas?

    > Platt asked:
    > "I've never heard smoking cigars leading to a crack cocaine addiction.
    > Have you?"

    > Dan answers: Not crack addiction. But tobacco addiction. Are they really
    > that far off? They both wind up killing, one maybe slower than the other.

    So you would make tobacco illegal, too?

    > > Like all conservative mumbojumbo, its just random Victorian morality,
    > > with no Intellectual justification whatsoever.

    > Platt replied:
    > "Like all leftist rantings, it's just the morality of hippies, trippers
    > and flower children with biological value justification -- "If it feels
    > good, do it."
    > Dan answers: If I smoke a marijuana cigarette what business is it of
    > yours? If I smoke and get behind a car THEN it becomes a public concern.

    If you smoke while employed as a quality checker at a drug company, THEN
    if becomes a public concern. Or screw up in other ways.

    > And, as you stated, "If it feels good do it." Isn't that a prime example
    > of DQ???

    If getting high is your idea of pursuing DQ, go for it. The higher you
    get, the more DQ you'll see. Trip out, man. Be cool.

    But, IMHO druggies don't contribute much to evolution, unless you consider
    rock a contribution.


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