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Date: Fri Dec 24 2004 - 03:57:55 GMT

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    Hi gang!

    It's been a while, and I'm just popping in for a quick second.

    "Is it agreeable?" somebody asked. (During this point in the
    experiment, all conversations were recorded on a dictating machine, and it
    has been
    possiblefor me to refresh my memory of what was said.)
    'Neither agreeable nor disagreeable,' I answered, 'It just is.'

    Istigkeit - wasn't that the word Meister Eckhart liked to use?
    'Is-ness.'The Being of Platonic philosophy -- except that plato sems to have
    made the enormous , the grotesque mistake of separating Being from becoming,
    and identifying it with the mathematical abstraction of the idea. He
    could never, poor fellow, have seen a bunch of flowers shining with their
    own inner light and all but quivering under the pressure of the
    significance with which they were charged; could never have perceived that
    rose and iris and carnation so intensely signified was nothing more, and
    nothing less, than what they were -- a transcience that was yet eternal
    life, a perpetual perishing that was at the same time pure Being, a bundle
    of minute, unique particulars in which, by some unspeakable and yet
    self-evident paradox, was to be seen the divine source of all


    I guess this is just another druggie who's trippin.

    Aldous always was one to try and fit in with the cool kids....

    and those drug addicts? its they're own fault......they made the
    choice, based on their very informed inner city education, and rows
    of neatly mowed lawns and potluck dinners with their well endowed employers.

    I always find it amusing, if not disturbing, that many people find
    no fault in tailer-gate parties where beer and football are
    aplenty, but when you've got a few friends smoking a(some) joint(s)
    and discussing any range of topics, or simply enjoying the things
    that are now more vivid, better tasting, and empirically for
    spectacular. Oh, and I almost forgot...... how many pothead fathers beat
    wives? How many times has a high person robbed a bank? When's
    the last time someone who just smoked a joint got mad and shot

    what do you think? why dont you smoke a joint and see. if not,
    have some vodka, or perhaps beer? or perhaps enjoy sobriety.

    Why cant it be legal to do all ?
    The emphasis should be placed on responsible instruction, and experience,
    rather than
    simlpy abolishing and establishing total prohibition (which is the case for

    There are many examples of drugs which there are little or no forseeable
    side-affects, and this has been established either through clinical study,
    or through cultural experience of various civilizations over the course of
    many millenia.

    Of course there is abuse of drugs. In the case of drugs like heroine and
    coccaine, which are natural drugs, but highly processed, even a single use
    of the drug can lead to near permanent addiction. Asides from these "heavy"
    narcotics, I am not aware of such other drugs, either hallucinogenic, or
    euphoric, that lead to heavy dependency. I can say from personal
    experience, as well as information I have personally gathered from hundreds
    of people, and more "concrete" sources of publication.

    To even question the use of many drugs, while the rampant abuse of alcohol
    and tobacco are ever-present throughout the world seems ludicrous to me.
    Need I restate any known facts?
    To my knowledge, in canada, in the last ten years, there has been 1 death
    related to marijuana use.
    Drunk Driving toll? Lung cancer toll? Fetal alcohol Syndrome toll?

    Since statistics seem to rule the media, where are the experts exclaming
    these statistics? Why are there such harsh consequences for drug
    use/possesion? Because it leads to the degredation of society, some might
    say. And, to some extent, they can be correct in the case of harsher drugs.

    Why are some things disallowed? There can be a reason easily deduced from
    known fact.

    Drugs, will not, and can not be made into cash cows to deprive people of
    their money dependably, and thoroughly.

    The "WAR AGAINST DRUGS" has proved to put the dollars in the hands of
    cartels faster than FedEx could ship it.

    If marijuana was made fully legal, some claim that drug cartels would
    experience booming business....society would be plunged into a drug induced

    But, seeing as I know currently "what the situation is" (being a part of it)
    I can tell you what would be the most likely, and probable outcome.

    If marijuana were made legal, what would stop me from growing my own....FOR
    FREE! I could , at the cost of 100 dollars cdn. , grow enough marijuana for
    myself, and my extended family. Good quality, pure, un-TAINTED marijuana,
    at no cost. No seller, no buyer, no cost.

    why are we not clothing ourselves in hemp? Why do we not make pulp and
    paper products of hemp? Hemp has many uses, for which it is better suited
    than is any products currently used and produced.

    evolution? FUCK evolution.....who need alcoholics and "druggies"?
    lets just throw away a few thousand years of music and
    literature. BURN THE BOOKS! SMASH THE RECORDS! break open some
    t.v. dinner and feast your eyes on The View (tm.) Sit back, relax.

    P O O T

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