RE: MD Is the MoQ still in the Kantosphere?

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Date: Sat Dec 25 2004 - 20:24:23 GMT

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    On 25 Dec 2004 at 12:32, David Buchanan wrote:

    dmb says:
    Oh, Dude. You're killing me here. Authority and credentials are
    entirely beside the point. Sam's assertion is that Schleiermacher has
    influenced William James, especially the views expressed in his
    VARITIES OF RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE. I have only pointed out that
    Schleiermacher is not even mentioned in that book.

    the ex-ref:
    But I thought Sam was saying that a connection between Schleiermacher
    and James was detailed in Chapter 8 of Jantzen's book? It may or may
    not convince you, but might be worth a look.

    That's why Sam's assertion seems to be an exaggeration, if not
    entirely untrue. My argument has nothing to do with credentials or
    authority. It simply points out that there is no apparent connection
    between the two thinkers. I know that we and Pirsig are not listed in
    the encyclopedia of Philosophy. Neither are Campbell and Wilber. Tis
    not the point at all.

    the ex-ref:
    I know. I was just trying to sound authoritative, for job-security
    enhancement. But, 'twas to no avail...

    Oh, and one more thing for the moderator. You're fired.

    the ex-ref:

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