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    Hi Dustin:

    It's a fundamental flaw in the Bush philosophy. The battle of the last century was capitalism vs. socialism. Capitalism won. That doesn't mean capitalism is right. It just outlasted its opponents.

    He's not even being particularly subtle. He's an oil man himself isn't he? It's hasn't even got much to do with the currency and there is a conspiracy theory running around that the reason the region is allowed to be left unstable (Palestine), is so they can maintain a presence in the region to protect their interests.

            It is very hard to sit and watch the three stooges (Bush, Blair and Howard) mouthing off about UN mandates while other states in the region are allowed to ignore their rulings. It was hard to watch the world sit on it's hands while 1,000,000 people were slaughtered in Rwanda and then leap to the defence of the oil rigs of Kuwait.

        Suddam should go, he is a tyrant, but lets deal with the facts of his teatment of his own people.

    John from The Rock
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      About Iraq--

      What I find interesting is what the Bush administration has said about the findings of Hussein's reports. If he, Sadaam, admits to having weapons of mass destruction then we go to war to disarm him. If he says he has nothing, then he is lying, and we go to war to disarm him.

      So it's not really if, but when. Then the question is, "why?"

      The battle of this century in my opinion is isolationism vs. globalism. Either you realize that this planet is one, homogenous organism or you believe that you are uniquely unlike everyone and everything and have been appointed by God to convert or destroy those that are not like you.

      In that sense, what Bush says publicly is not unlike what Bin Laden and Hussein support. Ironically, he is an "evildoer."

      What happens next is easy to figure out as well. If globalism wins, boundaries fall, and we begin to see the Quality in everyone and all things. If isolationism wins, we cease to exist on this planet.

      Yes, there are other motives that push the Bush administration toward this war. They are boxcars in the long train. The engine, the a priori, that pulls the train is the fundamental belief that we are "right" and they are "wrong."

      But Quality doesn't have right/wrong, good/evil. It exists, or it does not.

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