RE: MD Supporting the Statement (from Struan)

From: Glenn Bradford (
Date: Tue Feb 04 2003 - 15:58:15 GMT

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    Horse's attempt to back up his claim that 'positivism attempts to
    degrade art and music' is not only scurrilous, but, more importantly, it
    also falls well short of the standards Horse expects of dissenters on
    this forum and, as such, is deeply hypocritical. Where Horse demanded
    (and received) quotations from Pirsig to back up the accurate claim that
    Pirsig belittles science, he feels it unnecessary to provide any direct
    quotations from positivists to back up his own malicious claim,
    preferring, instead, simply to reiterate and elaborate upon his own
    uninformed prejudices.

    Firstly, it is not the case that positivism and logical positivism are
    one and the same. Horse is fully aware of this, given that he himself is
    the one to make the distinction between them - presumably due to the
    fact that Horse has now researched it and realised that I was right
    about positivism. It matters not. Tiresome though this back-peddling is,
    let us move on to logical positivism.

    Now, once again, and by his own muddled morality, Horse should feel
    obliged to find quotations from logical positivists which show that
    'logical positivism attempts to degrade art and music'. It is simply not
    good enough for the moderator of what claims to be a philosophical forum
    to: 1) be hypocritical in his demands of participants, and 2) to
    deliberately smear other more sophisticated and reasonable philosophical

    This last point is vitally important as it addresses the rotten core at
    the heart of a moq which relies almost entirely upon inventing strawmen
    for its veracity. The evil that Pirsig, Horse and their ilk tap into
    here is deeply disturbing for anyone concerned with intellectual
    integrity and the search for truth.

    Although Horse will (understandably) probably remain silent on the
    matter of his hypocrisy and double standards, I, nevertheless, shall
    carry on in my new role as meta-moderator, picking Horse up each and
    every time I consider his abuse of dissenters, and/or genuine
    philosophers, to be severe enough to warrant my intervention. Hopefully,
    this will at least make Horse think twice when he next feels the urge to
    abuse others, which, in turn, will make the forum more attractive to
    those who see through Pirsig's nonsense.


    For examples of Horse's attitude to what constitutes evidence, along
    with his attitude to those who dissent see:

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