RE: MD Making sense of it (levels)

From: Matt the Enraged Endorphin (
Date: Wed Feb 05 2003 - 00:35:17 GMT

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    Platt said:
    My question was about how your actions
    (picking what beer to drink from a refrigerator, for example) have been
    changed as a result of reading Rorty?

    Oh, my actions? Ah, nothing significant that I would attribute to Rorty, I
    guess. More like most of thinking, just as much of my thinking changed
    when reading Pirsig. Of course, many times our thinking affects our
    actions, if not all of the time. So, in the sense that I will someday end
    up teaching kids in the classroom, and Rorty and Pirsig have both deeply
    affected my sense of what an educators purpose is, they have both affected,
    or rather, will affect, my actions.


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