Re: MD Making sense of it (levels)

From: Trivik Bhavneni (
Date: Fri Feb 07 2003 - 16:11:12 GMT

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    > > It IS necessary for a pattern (repetitive experience) to last for SOME
    > > time in order to be RECOGNIZED as a pattern. This time it not
    > > specific.

    objects may contain different levels of value.
    however each pattern belongs to only one of the disjoint levels.
    to say a cycle belongs to any one of the levels is wrong.
    if one were to make such a statement s/he would actully singeling out the
    paterns of that level in the bike, and so it would not include the whole
    of the bike.
    in this manner, every 'object' has a patern of each level (recognised or
    unrecognised), however different objects have different amounts of value
    in each patern (it is clear that this is true for recognised value,
    however on reflection you will see that it is true for unrecognised value
    as well)

    > a language barrier
    > Thank goodness the bulk of my ideas remain private. :-)
    yup - one can make any valid claim about an object others cannot view and
    so be secure about it

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