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    >> I mentioned this once before but just wanted
    >> to say it once more.
    >> You showed us where the character Phaedrus uses the
    >> term absolute in conversation BUT how do you reconcile that when the author
    >> calls it a POOR TERM?
    >> #83 The problem here isthe term 'absolute'....
    >> He says its a poor term for its connotation......
    >> Dynamic Quality is not dominated by context but it is not
    >> separate from it.
    >> #101 In MOQ "brute facts" are also subjective.
    >Pirsig says that compared to Dynamic Quality, the Absolute is a poor
    >term to describe "the central reality of mysticism." This central reality
    >has also been called the Self, Brahman, Divine, One, Void, Mind, God
    >and many other labels. Absolute in this context has no relation
    >whatsoever to the meaning of absolute when applied to moral choice.

    no relation whatsover? You can describe a moral choice --- as more dynamic or
    as an absolute. A more moral choice is more dynamic right? And he says
    dynamic quality is not sepearate from context right?

    >Someday you might want to explain how you know when we're
    >supposed to take what Phaedrus says as a joke.

    Wow, you are like a magician. You pull out arguments right out of thin air.
    Platt, I am sure you catch yourself using words like never, always, etc
    when you don't mean them. It's possible that was happening with those
    "absolutes" you claim Phaedrus is saying. I am just wary taking those example
    words too literally. I know I use that strong language without meaning it
    at times.

    As for being able to tell when Phaedrus tells a joke...rule of thumb is
    probably if your mouth opens and these sounds come out (sounding something
    like ha ha ha). If your not sure what this is like try this exercise...
    look in the mirror and say "Platt might not be absolutely right about
    absolutes". Knowing you this wishwashy nonsense will result in a fit of


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