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From: David Buchanan (
Date: Sat Feb 08 2003 - 04:31:16 GMT

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    Horse said to Struan and Glenn:

    As you seem to be more interested in 'giving me a taste of my own medicine'
    than contributing to any discussions about the MoQ please do not contribute
    to the moq_discuss list further in any way shape or form.

    Glenn, I am unsubscribing you, Please do not attempt to resubscribe as
    yourself or with any other name or attempt to contact the list through
    another member. Struan, Please do not attempt to resubscribe as yourself or
    with any other name or attempt to contact the moq_discuss list through
    another member.

    DMB says:
    I know. I know. I've no room to talk, but I really have to put in my two
    cents. Can't resist it anymore. I think Struan needs to get over himself.
    His never-ending egomanical posturing is way over the top. That is one
    prissy prima donna that seriously needs to be bitch-slapped. God help his
    students! Perhaps somebody should tell him that logical positivism is now
    considered defunct. (According to my Oxford encyclopedia) Perhaps somebody
    should tell him that he's beating a dead horse. (No, not our Horse. He's
    alive and kicking.) Maybe somebody ought to tell him that constantly
    engaging in petty temper tantrums does not win friends or converts. Its just
    ugly. I CAN'T remember the last time I saw a Struan post that WASN'T just a
    string of insults disguised as an argument. Don't get me wrong, I like
    watching a good fight as much as the next guy. I like to watch HARDBALL and
    CROSSFIRE. I like to call talk radio shows and make the Limbaughs loose it.
    But Struan is no fun. What a drag. He's humorless, childish and
    mean-spirited. But I'll miss standing next to him. That was good for my ego.
    Next to him, I look like prince charming. Maybe he'll write to me directly
    and heap some petty mean nonesense. ( could
    take some comfort from that.

    Thanks for nothin' ;-)

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