RE: MD absolutely one more thing

From: Erin N. (
Date: Sat Feb 08 2003 - 21:48:26 GMT

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    >===== Original Message From =====
    >> > Erin
    >> > so "absolute" is context dependent?

    >> Platt
    >> Is context context dependent?
    >aah.....what a zen moment of enlightenment

    depends on the what your definition "is"
    is, kidding,
    Seriously I know that answer as well as
    I know if an absolute is absolute.

    **I** was not suggesing absolute is context
    dependent...I was pointing out YOUR statement
    was and I found it ironic.

    I agree with Pirsig when he says dynamic
    quality is not dominated by context
    AND not separate from it.


    P.S.I never got Platt's message so I may have
    more to say later.

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