Re: MD Science vs. Theism: Where's The Beef?

From: Mark Steven Heyman (
Date: Tue May 03 2005 - 05:48:49 BST

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    On 2 May 2005 at 21:27, Matt Kundert wrote:

    Scott said:
    Some theologians used to make pseudo-scientific arguments (of the God of the
    gaps sort), but most have learned not to. There are still many theists
    around who continue to do so, but the higher quality theology does not. I
    am, in fact doing precisely the opposite of offering a scientific argument,
    or seeking the imprimatur of science. I am, instead, saying that science
    does one thing, and theology another, and there is no conflict between them.

    Ya' know, this is kinda' why I've found this whole thread very bizarre for
    this discussion group (as I think Sam and Scott have found it). Isn't a
    Pirsigian supposed to be some kind Jamesian? It seems to me that if people
    follow Pirsig's usurpation of James' pragmatist theory of truth, the "Will
    to Believe" is all we need, or else you'll have to start rebutting and
    qualifying Pirsig's use of James, which means having to break away from such
    heavily favored passages as the rectangular/polar coordinates section.

    To me, the importance of this (aging) thread has been as a kind of litmus
    test for finding out what kind of Pirsigians we have around here.

    Well see, this is how dumb I am. I thought the purpose of this forum
    was to start with some Pirsigian ideas and see what we can make of
    them, you know, bat 'em around and see which of his ideas lead to a
    better explanation of the world as we experience it.

    If everyone who participates here must be some kinda absolute
    Pirsigian, whatever that is, then y'all better call yourselves
    members of a cult rather than working philosophers.

    Matt, I hope I'm misunderstanding what you're implying here. I think
    I'll wait to hear back here, before I spend any more hours engaging
    you in actual philosophical discussion.

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